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The Science Behind PEMF

PEMF therapy uses low pulsed magnetic frequencies to stimulate the body at a cellular level. The therapy is applied through a full body mat or small pillow in order to promote normal function and healing. The mat or pillow create an electromagnetic charge at a specific intensity, frequency, and duration to simulate our cells, allowing them to recover normal function and heal. 

The human body is electrical. Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg proved that all cellular processes inside the body require a optimal electric charge between -100mv and -70mV to function normally. If this charge drops below -60mV the cell becomes unhealthy. Cancer cells usually have been shown to carry a cell voltage as low as -15mV. Our cells need to be able to function properly in order for us to stay healthy. 

PEMF therapy has been proven through hundreds of scientific studies to recharge the cell to it's optimal voltage. The human body provides little resistance to magnetic fields, which gives PEMF the capability to penetrate deep into the body for maximum effect.  


The body is composed of over 70 trillion cells that become unhealthy through aging, stress, injury, and exposure to high frequency magnetic fields. These magnetic fields include cell phones, computers, fluorescent lights, power lines, televisions, and microwaves. 


The images from left to right show red blood cell formation change under a microscope before, during, and after PEMF treatment. Far left- before treatment; Middle left- during a 5 minute treatment; Middle right- 5 minutes after treatment; Far right-15 minutes after treatment. Blood cells that carry a healthy charge flow through the body more efficiently and greatly increase circulation. 

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