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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? 

      By using specific frequencies and intensities of a magnetic field, PEMF therapy can restore cellular function which can reduce your pain, increase circulation, and recharge your body like no other product on the market. 

Does it hurt?

      Low intensity PEMF does not hurt. In fact, 60% of people who use PEMF therapy do not feel anything when in use. There is a chance you may experience a slight tingle or "champagne bubble" as we like to call it, or a full body warming sensation that aids in relaxation.

Is it safe? 

      Because the magnetic field is low intensity it is safe for implanted or surgical metal such as joint replacements, surgical clips, piercings, and dental implants. This therapy is FDA approved. 


Where can I do this therapy?

      You can receive this therapy at our clinic on Market St. in Kingston. Patients can purchase a package of sessions or, for best effect, rent a unit to take home for multiple daily uses.   


Will my insurance cover it? 

      Unfortunately no insurance plan will cover this therapy but the out of pocket cost is well worth the benefits. Patients can opt for affordable in-office treatment packages or monthly rentals of our equipment. 



How is the therapy applied?

      Its quite simple, the doctors will determine the setting that is best for you and will have you relax on a therapy mat or position a small pillow to a specific complaint. We can also apply the therapy using special eye goggles (to affect vision or healing after surgery), with headphones (for tinnitus or headaches), or with a small probe (for fingers, muscle knots, TMJ, or dental pain). 


Who uses this therapy?

      This therapy is great for patients with acute or chronic pain, athletes looking for a competitive edge or trying to recover from workouts faster, patients recovering from surgery, those looking for more relaxation and better sleep, and anyone looking for a whole body wellness therapy that will enhance their overall health and well being. 

Additional Questions? 

You can contact us via phone, email, or message us on Facebook. 


Phone: (570) 283-1011


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