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PEMF Full Body System

Our full body system includes a controller, full body applicator, small applicator, power cord, and a high quality carry bag. The system has the capability to add on system accessories. 


The controller is easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and is extremely reliable. With the touch of 4 buttons your treatment session is programmed within seconds. 

The full body and small applicators are made with a homogeneous coil that allows the treatment to be distributed evenly throughout the body. The material is designed for daily use and lasts for a minimum of a decade. The seams are sewed over twice, making the applicators extremely durable. Lay the mat and pillow flat or roll them up, either way the durability withstands both. 

Every item included in the Full Body System stores away in the carry bag. The bag is also made with double stitching making it tear resistant.

We also offer embroidered leather covers to purchase in order to fully protect both applicators. These covers are applied on every office and rental device. The covers are easy to clean and give the mat and pillow extra durability and protection. 

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